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A Few Words About Me

Hi, I'm Petri Silen. A 47-year old software developer from Tampere area, Finland. I have been working as a software developer in telecommunications for almost 25 years at Nokia Networks. I have been focusing on mobile networks real-time big data analytics.

Software languages, frameworks and technologies I use: C++, Java, Java EE, JavaScript + Flow, Typescript, React, and a little bit of React Native, Android, Kotlin, iOS and Swift.


I have developed a couple of open source software components and I am currently working with containerized Java and C++ microservices orchestrated by Kubernetes.

During my free-time I develop one Android app and a data visualization tool for business intelligence and big data analytics.

For fun, I like to play badminton or tennis, do long walks or ski in the winter, take care of my Exotic shorthair cat Kaapo and watch some sports (mainly ice hockey and soccer) and a lot of HBO and Netflix :)

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