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About Naming of functions

Functions should do a one thing and the name of the function should describe what the function does. This means that function name must...

TOP-6 software innovations in 21st century

1. JSX JSX as introduced by React.js has revolutionized web front-end development by allowing writing HTML inside logic (JavaScript...

Formatting vs. linting code

Formatting code and linting code should be separated from each other. For example popular JavaScript linter ESLint contains a large set...

Level up your NPM library game!

Add automated build, code coverage, static code analysis to your NPM library and add badges to your Github README

Best of future Javascript

Do expressions, Optional chaining and Nullish coalescing operator

About naming of variables

Here are my rules for naming variables of different type. The benefit of using a good naming convention for variables, is that the name...

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